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Requirements To Purchase


We have several qualifications required to be eligible for one of our Wolfdog puppies.

  • First of all, we do require that you are a resident of a legal area. Not all states are legal to own wolfdogs and some of them have restrictions. It's important to check your state, county, and city laws to insure that you live in a legal area.

  • Wolfdogs need proper containment consisting of 6-8ft Heavy Duty Fencing (Cattle Panels, 9Ga Chainlink, etc), lean-ins, and dig guards.

  • Due to the destructive tendencies that Wolfdogs are prone to, we also require that you own your home, and do not rent, as most landlords are not acceptant of wolfdogs.  

  • Knowledge/experience of wolfdogs is required for all of our puppies. We recommend doing extensive research on the breed to make sure that they are an adequate fit for your lifestyle and what you are wanting in a companion. Having experience with Northern Breeds (Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute) or other high drive breeds will help to better prepare you for the experience of owning a wolfdog. If you are applying for a Mid Content puppy, we do require previous experience with an Embark verified low content wolfdog.

  • We do have a contract all applicants have to sign and abide by all that it entails. If you wish to see the contract before purchasing, please email us for a copy.

Map of the US states where wolfdogs are legal and illegal
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